Tec-Taucher mit Stage Tank und Nitrox 50TDI COURSES
Tec-Taucher mit Stage Tank und Nitrox 50TDI COURSES

Discover the Adventure of Technical Diving

Unlike recreational diving, technical diving surpasses the traditional limits of single-tank diving with regular air and without decompression requirements. It opens up a world where multiple tanks, various gas mixtures, and exceeding decompression limits are normal.

This specialized form of diving requires comprehensive dive planning and a deeper understanding of technical diving principles, all achievable through customized TDI (Technical Diving International) courses at Blue Ocean Dive Dahab.

Our TDI Instructor Trainer with extensive experience in technical diving, Tom Habeck is well-equipped to teach the full spectrum of TDI courses. These courses delve into the complexity of technical diving theory, covering topics such as accelerated decompression, surface air consumption (SAC), and the use of stage tanks.

Why technical diving?

The main allure of expanding your diving education with TDI courses lies in the opportunity to explore deeper dive sites, such as wrecks or the world-famous Blue Hole here in Dahab, while enjoying longer bottom times.

For instance, at Blue Ocean Dive Dahab, we often visit the dive site ‘The Canyon‘. During recreational diving, the bottom time at this depth is typically limited to about 5 minutes. With proper TDI technical dive training, this time can be extended to around 20 minutes. This significantly extended duration allows for thorough exploration, photography, a greater appreciation of marine life, and simply more time to admire the breathtaking underwater landscape.

In all courses, completing the knowledge development is essential. Practical applications such as finning techniques and mastering buoyancy control are also intensely practiced. As a comprehensive hands-on experience, the courses include multiple dives in both confined water and open water environments. Additionally, students are introduced to a whole new world of technical diving equipment, which is a fundamental part of the learning process. Each course is carefully structured and spans 2-5 days to ensure a sustainable learning experience.

Intro to Tec

Advanced Nitrox Diver

Decompression Procedures

Extended Range Diver

Trimix Diver

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