Basic Diver (Intro dive)


You’re thrilled with snorkeling in the Red Sea and wondering what it’s like to breathe underwater? Then you should just give it a try and join us for a try dive.

Scuba Diver

SSI Scuba Diver

You want to learn to dive but don’t have enough time for the SSI Open Water Diver course?  In that case, the SSI Scuba Diver program is ideal for you. Learn the essential basics in 2 days to dive confidently with a dive professional.

Open Water Diver

SSI Open Water Diver

As a diver, the whole world is open to you. Practically anywhere in the world, you can go diving. Whether it’s at colorful reefs here in the Gulf of Aqaba in Dahab, expansive underwater landscapes in the Mediterranean Sea, or in a crystal-clear mountain lake in the Alps.

Your first big step into this world begins with your SSI Open Water Diver course. In this course, you will learn all the theoretical basics and practical skills you need to dive into the most beautiful places in the world, all in small groups. Start your underwater adventure now with Blue Ocean Dive Dahab!

Scuba Skills Update

SSI Scuba Skill Update

Scuba skills can easily rust, and after a while, one may lose confidence in their abilities. An SSI Scuba Skills Update will get you back in the water and back to your former strength in no time.


Advanced Adventurer

SSI Advanced Adventurer

The SSI Advanced Adventurer course provides insights into various aspects of recreational diving and gives you the opportunity to try 5 specialties. You are free to choose which specialties you want to explore – Navigation Diving, Perfect Buoyancy, Fish Identification, and many more. Our recommendation: Definitely choose the Deep Dive. This way, you can explore the oceans up to a depth of 30 meters in the future.

Diver Stress & Rescue

SSI Diver Stress & Rescue

The SSI Diver Stress and Rescue Course is the best course to learn how to protect yourself and other divers. You will learn how to recognize stress, prevent accidents, and apply practical techniques for conducting rescues and emergency care.


Deep Diving

SSI Deep Diving

As a deep diver, you have the unique opportunity to explore some of the best dive sites in the world and encounter popular marine creatures. There’s so much waiting for you in the deep blue sea, below 18 meters.

Enriched Air Nitrox

SSI Enriched Air Nitrox

Take part in an Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty course if you want to shorten your surface intervals and extend your dive time. This way, you’ll spend more time exploring your favorite dive sites instead of waiting around!


SSI Navigation

This specialty course provides you with the knowledge and advanced skills you need for safe and confident underwater navigation.


Perfect Buoyancy

SSI Perfect Buoyancy

The SSI Perfect Buoyancy Specialty course is the best way to improve your buoyancy control and experience relaxed dives.


Computer Diving

SSI Computer Diving

Deepen your knowledge in decompression theory and how it relates to your dive computer. Learn to understand and utilize the functions of your computer, and discover additional options it offers. When you know and can use all the features of a dive computer, you not only increase your dive safety but also facilitate the planning and execution of your dives.

Boat Diving

SSI Boat Diving

The sea is full of dive sites, and many top spots are only accessible by boat. If you want to explore these incredible dive sites, become an SSI Boat Diver.

Night &

Limited Visibility

SSI Night & Limited Visibility

Night dives require completely different skills than dives during daylight. The SSI Night Diving & Limited Visibility Specialty course is the best way to learn all about night diving and practice the necessary techniques that will make you a safe and confident night diver.


Sidemount Diving

SSI Recreational Sidemount Diving

What is already common practice in cave and wreck diving is now also being discovered by more and more recreational divers: the simple, pleasant, and weightless diving experience without feeling the burden of the dive gear on your back – who wouldn’t want to have this experience at least once? To safely conduct these types of dives, special training is required. This is offered through the SSI Recreational Sidemount Specialty course.

Decompression Diving

SSI Decompression Diving

The SSI Decompression Diving Specialty course shows you how to safely dive beyond the no-decompression limits.

Science of Diving

SSI Science of Diving

This program provides in-depth and detailed information on physics, physiology, decompression theory, aquatic environment, and diving equipment.

Coral Identification

SSI Coral Identification

Divers love coral reefs, and with good reason. Gliding over a healthy reef where underwater life thrives is something magical. These valuable ecosystems are fascinating, and the SSI Coral Identification Specialty course is the best way to learn more about coral reefs and make the most out of your reef dives.

Fish Identification

SSI Fish Identification

The world’s oceans are home to countless species of fish, and on your dives, you’ll encounter many fascinating marine creatures!

Marine Ecology

SSI Marine Ecology

How does the ocean work? With this program, we’ll find out exactly that!

Marine Mammal Ecology

SSI Marine Mammal Ecology

You would like to learn more about the ecology, biology, and conservation of marine mammals? This SSI program familiarizes you with the wonders of these amazing creatures. Dive into the world of whales, dolphins, and seals and explore this incredibly diverse group of marine animals.

Shark Ecology

SSI Shark Ecology

In the SSI Shark Ecology course, you’ll learn to interpret shark behavior, why they are often misunderstood, and how to dive safely with them.

React Right

(First aid course)

SSI React Right

React Right is the SSI emergency course that teaches you the knowledge and practical skills to act correctly as a first responder in a medical emergency.

Gas Blender Nitrox/Trimix

SSI Gas Blender

The correct mixing of gases is essential for safe breathing underwater. The SSI Gas Blender course teaches you the skills and concepts required for safely blending nitrox and helium-based trimix gases.



SSI Divemaster

Perfect your skills and kick-start your career as a diving professional!

The SSI Divemaster is the most popular certification at the professional level. In addition to guiding certified divers, Divemasters have the opportunity to assist in courses, work on dive boats and in resorts, and teach snorkeling courses.

The Divemaster training at Blue Ocean Dive Dahab is an internship where you participate in the daily life of a busy dive shop. The course includes developing skills both in confined and open water until you can demonstrate them to others. Your training will also cover the safety aspects of a dive guide, and you will learn how to best assist your guests under various conditions. You will accompany our instructors in their daily activities and work with them so that you can learn and benefit from their experience.

SSI XR (Tec diving)

Extended Range Foundations

SSI Extended Range Foundations

The SSI Extended Range Foundations course offers you the opportunity to expand your already advanced diving skills in a workshop atmosphere. You will learn more about the use of technical equipment in conjunction with the equipment configuration for which you are already certified.

Extended Range Nitrox Diving

SSI Extended Range Nitrox Diving

The SSI Extended Range Nitrox course provides you with a comprehensive introduction to the concepts, techniques, and procedures necessary for planning decompression dives with Nitrox.

Extended Range

SSI Extended Range

The SSI Extended Range program is the core program upon which all other SSI XR Open-Circuit programs are built. This program marks the beginning of your exciting journey to becoming an experienced tech diver.

Technical Extended Range

SSI Technical Extended Range

The SSI Technical Extended Range Diving Course builds upon the skills and techniques you learned as an SSI Extended Range Diver.

Hypoxic Trimix

SSI Hypoxic Trimix

Get ready to push the limits of your technical diving skills. The SSI Hypoxic Trimix course utilizes the full package of knowledge, skills, equipment, and experience you acquired in your previous Advanced Training to take you on a journey into the depths of the ocean.

TDI courses (Tec diving)

Intro to Tech

Intro to Tech

The TDI Intro to Tech program allows you to get a taste of the world of technical diving. This course is an ideal preview for the TDI Advanced Nitrox course and the TDI Decompression Procedures course.

Advanced Nitrox Diver

Advanced Nitrox

Would you like to extend your bottom times? Perhaps you’re a scientific diver or an underwater photographer and just want to stay underwater longer?

Decompression Procedures

Decompression Procedures

Are you limited by your No-Decompression Limits (NDLs) during dives, having to ascend earlier than you’d like? The TDI Decompression Procedures course prepares you for planned decompression dives.

Extended Range Diver

Extended Range

Many spectacular dive sites are often deeper than 39 meters, but you may have limited or no access to helium in this part of the world. In the TDI Extended Range course, you will learn the correct techniques to dive with compressed air as a breathing gas with an acceptable risk at a maximum depth of up to 55 meters. This way, you won’t have to miss out on these dives!

Trimix Diver


You want to expand your depth range while reducing the effects of narcosis during deep dives? Then the TDI Trimix Diver course is the perfect course for you!


Advanced Trimix Diver

Advanced Trimix

The TDI Advanced Trimix Diver course is the pinnacle of training for technical divers in open circuit. It enables you to dive to depths of up to 100 meters using hypoxic gas mixtures (less than 17 percent oxygen content). This course is one of the most informative and challenging of all TDI courses. Upon completion, you will belong to the divers who are capable of doing and seeing more while diving than other divers out there.