Diver at Coral GardenDIVING IN DAHAB
Diver at Coral GardenDIVING IN DAHAB

Discover the breathtaking underwater world of Dahab

Uncover the breathtaking underwater world of Dahab with Blue Ocean Dive Dahab, your ideal dive partner for extraordinary diving adventures in the Red Sea.

Passion for the Ocean, Safety, and Professionalism
Our team of experienced divers shares a deep passion for the ocean and places the highest priority on your safety and an unforgettable diving experience. We offer customized dives for divers of all experience levels, from beginners to experienced divers.

Safety First
Your safety is our top priority. Our standard equipment includes regularly serviced first-aid kits with emergency oxygen units that are carried on every dive. Should more extensive medical care be required, the nearest decompression chamber at the Hyperbaric Medical Center in Sharm el Sheikh under the direction of Dr. Adel Taher is quickly accessible.

Diverse Dive Sites for Every Taste
The underwater world around Dahab offers a breathtaking diversity of dive sites that will delight every diver. From healthy coral reefs and colorful schools of fish to impressive underwater landscapes – experience the unique beauty of the Red Sea.

Dive Training with Many Years of Experience
You can count on our many years of experience for thorough and safe dive training. Our SSI confined water dive courses will prepare you optimally for the diverse dive sites in Dahab and around the world.

High-Quality Diving Equipment for Your Comfort
We offer a wide selection of top-class, regularly serviced diving equipment for recreational and technical diving to ensure your comfort and safety during your dives in Dahab.

Experience unforgettable diving adventures with Blue Ocean Dive Dahab!

Daily trips

Every day a new adventure - Explore the colorful underwater world around Dahab with us.


Observe the creatures of the sea from the water's surface and fall in love with the world of the Red Sea.

Dive Sites

Get a taste and an impression of the stunning dive sites waiting for you in Dahab.


You want to come to dive in Dahab? Here, you will find all rates for dives and courses in detail.