Nicky & Tom Habeck

Nicky and Tom have been familiar with the Red Sea, the Sinai, and specifically Dahab since 1996. Their paths crossed during their diving careers, both starting from scratch: after working at a dive center as Divemasters, they progressed to become diving instructors, eventually taking on the management of a dive center.

In 1997, Tom drove to Egypt with a truck converted into a diving mobile and spent the year conducting land-based diving safaris. However, his plans changed when he met Nicky, who was working as a diving instructor in Hurghada at the time. Both of them moved to Dahab, Sinai in 1998.

After seven years as the management team of a dive center in Dahab, it was time for the next step: opening their own dive center. Since both Nicky and Tom love and appreciate the Sinai region, choosing the location was easy, and in 2008, the first Blue Ocean Dive dive center was launched, initially located at the Bay View Hotel.
The dive center quickly gained popularity and a growing community of divers.
The desire for a center closer to the center of Dahab led Blue Ocean Dive to expand with a small, cozy, and family-friendly second location at the Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort, which opened in 2012 and remains the location of the dive center to this day.

With rich experience in training and guiding scuba divers, Nicky and Tom remain true to their motto: diving is not just adventurous, it’s an adventure in itself. With their passion for diving, they understand how to not only motivate their guests but also ignite their interest in the details of the sport.

Self-responsibility and safe diving for successful dives are their top priorities. Blue Ocean Dive Dahab not only values your love for the underwater world but also provides the best platform to foster it, with a strong sense of community and a familial atmosphere.

Welcome to Blue Ocean Dive Dahab, where the adventure beneath the waves never ends!

Our Team

Nicky Habeck

SSI Instructor & Owner

Tom Habeck

SSI & TDI Instructor & Owner

Vanessa Rosenmayer

SSI Instructor

Irina Fetzer


Dominique Steger


Our purring colleagues

At Blue Ocean Dive Dahab, our love extends not only to the underwater world but also to some unique, furry residentsour beloved cats. Approximately 45 of these feline friends each has a special story, as they came to us as strays, abandoned, or neglected pets. They have not only found a home in our dive center but also a sanctuary where they receive love and care.

While these cats bring joy and warmth to our daily lives, each of their past challenges motivates us to create a safe haven for them. This includes spaying or neutering every cat we can to prevent further suffering and reduce the large population in Dahab.

Caring for our fluffy friends depends not only on our private financial resources but also on the generosity of kind-hearted individuals who share our love for them. Donations, whether financial or in the form of cat food, play a significant role in ensuring their care, including food, medication, and treatments as needed. We welcome your support in this endeavor!

Every donation, large or small, paves the way for a better future for our beloved cats at Blue Ocean Dive and Dahab. Thank you for being part of their story and helping us be loving caretakers for them.

If you fall in love with one of our unique four-legged companions and wish to give them a permanent loving home, please feel free to contact us.