Technical Diving

this course is designed to introduce the basics about diving with EANx mixes with an oxygen content of up to 40%. It is a useful addition to all your recreational dives, or maybe the first step towards ‘technical diving’.

this course is designed to familiarize the diver with deeper insights about physiological backgrounds and procedures. During dives you will switch gases, which means we are utilizing two different gasses for safety reasons. You learn how to use breathing gasses with an oxygen content of up to 100%. This is useful for both recreational dives and technical dives, where this is an important part of further education.

this course focuses on each and every aspect of a dive, in regard of adequate diving equipment to be used for a safe decompression. Appropriate techniques and procedures will be part of the practical training. A course for interested divers who want to improve their safety, or an important link in the chain of your technical diving education.

training for the experienced diver who wants to explore the rather technical aspects of diving, where we need to pay attention to all possible details of a dive, which includes proper planning and calculation. And, of course, the skills to deal adequately with situations beyond recreational limits. Most important is to get familiar with yourself within your own comfort zone!

the same background as extended range, but with different breathing gas mixtures. Helium is the key to reach greater depths with a significantly lower risk, and the gas of choice to make sure that neither oxygen nor nitrogen will reach critical limits on your exploration dives. This course enables experienced divers to improve their knowledge and practical experience, and adds significant safety to deep diving ambitions. This course structure is designed to utilize normoxic trimix.

this course is designed to extend your skills in using helium based mixes by utilizing hypoxic trimix, which requires a travel mix for the descent, but enables us to reach even greater depths to explore.

KURSPREISE TDIKursinhalte / TauchgängeEuro
TDI Basic Nitrox Diver 2 Nitrox dives with EAN 32 150,- €
TDI Advanced Nitrox Diver 4 Nitrox dives, utilizing two EANx mixes.350,- €
TDI Decompression Procedures Diver4 dives to learn about necessary procedures, techniques and equipment to decompress safely.400,- €

in combination with other courses: 250,– €

TDI Extended Range Diver6 dives to learn basic knowledge and procedures beyond recreational diving limits.750,- €
TDI Normoxic Trimix Diver The better choice of breathing gas: Less nitrogen narcosis when breathing helium.800,- €
TDI Advanced Trimix DiverEverything of concern you need to know when exploring greater depths.1000,- €
Intro To Tec3 dives with a twinset. Handling and understanding helps you to decide whether to continue or not. Can be credited for the Advanced Nitrox course.250,-€ (without certification)
Kurs-Kombination I
Basic & Advanced Nitrox – Kurs
everything about oxygen.450,– €
Kurs-Kombination II
Advanced Nitrox + Decompression Procedures + Extended Range / Entry Level Trimix
the package for the ambitious diver.1250,– €

All the above prices include certification fees , but not additionally required equipment and breathing gasses. 14 % taxes are added to all prices mentioned. They are not included in the listed prices.

2 regulators for back gas / twinset12,– €
1 regulator for the stage tank, oxygen clean7,– €
1 wing12,– €
1 wing + harness + backplate15,– €
1 computer 5,– €
digital depth gauge / timer4,– €
1 reel + SMB10,– €
Breathing GasesEuro
EAN 324,– €
EAN 508,– €
100% Oxygen10,– €
Helium per liter0,10 €