The dive holiday is a thoroughly enjoyable experience , we offer something for everyone . Both for those who want to learn to dive or those who want to develop or just want to dive .

We are happy to help, if:

    • you have any questions about our offers
    • you are not sure what to choose

The first step for children to be introduced to scuba eqipment under water. It is important to note that the young ones should volunteer to dive. Minimum age is 8 years.

Start your adventure as a certified diver! Learn how to handle your equipment safely. After completion of this course you are allowed to dive to a maximum depth of 18 metres with an appropriate dive buddy.

The Advanced Open Water Diver course helps you to improve your skills and self-confidence under water. This is the best way to deepen your experience and to gain more knowledge under supervision of your PADI Instructor. The course consists of 5 fun dives, of which two are mandatory core dives: one deep dive, and one navigation dive.

The PADI Rescue Diver course can be best described as a “rewarding challenge”. The course builds up on what you know already, and extends your knowledge. You learn more about recognizing problems, and – even better – avoiding them. And, of course, how to solve them, should they occur unexpectedly under water.

You have a deep and lasting passion for diving? Or do you just love it more than anything else? If so, you should consider  in what you love doing, and become a PADI Divemaster.

As a PADI Divemaster and prospective Dive Pro you share your passion with like-minded people, and commit yourself actively to protect the underwater world.

You want to improve your knowledge about certain distinctive aspects of scuba diving? Or just dive longer and deeper? Then a Specialty Course would be appropriate for you to enroll in. For example:

    • Nitrox: Learn to safely use breathing gas mixtures with more than 21% oxygen content.
    • Deep Diving: Particularly in greater depths we encounter new aspects of diving. Learn everything necessary for planning and conducting dives up to 40 metres below sea level.
    • Peak Performance Buoyancy – enjoy the feeling of zero gravity, reduce your air consumption, find your trim and the appropriate amount of weight.
  • Night Diving: Learn more about planning night dives, about equipment and navigation. And experience some mysterious creatures which only show during nighttime.

We offer (except Ice Diving) almost the whole range of possible specialty courses.

Last dive was some time ago, but you are eager to start diving again? Then you should simply complete a Refresher or ReActivate Course with us. We update your scuba diving skills and knowledge. Tailored to your individual needs, an Instructor explains everything you might think you have forgotten. Afterwards the door is wide open for subsequent fun dives with us!