Our offers include, but are not limited to:

Recreational diving: Dive courses according to PADI and SDI standards, from Open Water Diver to Divemaster.

Technical diving: Dive courses from Nitrox to Advanced Trimix.

Nitrox 32, Nitrox 50, Trimix and Oxygen as breathing gasses.

Daily scuba diving activities for certified divers.

Day-trips by boat to Gabr el Bint..

Special boat trips to the Thistlegorm, to Ras Mohammed and to the Straits of Tiran (starting from Sharm-el-Sheikh).

Camel safaris to Abu Galum.

We are equipped with 12-litre aluminum DIN tanks, providing INT adapters; for divers with higher gas consumption we offer 15-litre DIN tanks. For children we provide adequate 8-litre tanks. Divers who are in need of rental equipment will find regularly inspected and maintained regulators and buoyancy compensators, as well as wetsuits in all regular sizes. Neoprene booties and open heel fins for more protection on all shore entries / exits are a must.

We are equipped with regularly inspected, transportable emergency oxygen units and First Aid kits, which will accompany you on every trip for safety reasons. The next recompression chamber is located in Dahab, well within reach from all dive sites around Dahab.

You find us in the Ecotel Dahab Bay View Resort, and in Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort in Mashraba.

Looking forward to welcoming you,
Nicky & Tom Habeck

Scuba Diving

Recreational diving enables anyone who cares to stay under water with a tank of breathing air – with zero gravity. If this is not enough, there is a method with an adequate risk management:

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Technical diving is different from recreational diving, because it extends depth and time limits under water. It also involves more preparation and planning prior to the dive.

Curiosity is a good impulse, and there is always something to see beyond the 40 m range, whether it is a wreck, a reef, or a landscape with a unique view.
No matter which way you choose, top priority is always your own safety, which starts with a solid education.


Diver education

The first step is a beginner course that introduces you to some theory and practical sessions, which add to each other. To achieve an optimum of your inital education, you should only choose a dive center with a good reputation, which includes their Instructors.
It is also recommended to learn and practice in small groups (max. 6 people), to address individual needs adequately.

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Scuba diving is a sensual experience, addressing all levels of consciousness, and each individual person should have the opportunity to get a feel for their own pace right from the beginning.
Water has its own rules, and we as humans need to adapt.

The reward is the inimitably sensation of zero gravity, which you achieve and maintain yourself. This aspect is, among others, the core of a diver’s education.

And, of course, plants, animals, colours and impressions we recognize around us. Sometimes you find shipwrecks or spectacular landscapes under water to be explored.

To be able to move safely and autonomous under water, it is important to make correct decisions. This considerably high degree of your own safety can be achieved with a solid and serious education only.