TN-2009Nicky and Tom Habeck are familiar with the Red Sea since 1996, and with the Sinai Peninsula, particularly Dahab, since 1998. The paths of their lives crossed during their scuba diving career, which began in either case from the very start:
Steady work in a dive center as Divemaster, work as an Instructor, then dive center management.

Tom came to Egypt overland in 1997 with a modified truck that served as a mobile dive unit, and spent the year organizing shore-based dive safaris (divetrekking!), starting from Hurghada all the way south to Marsa Alam. He abandoned this activity, because most of the accessible dive sites are neighbouring big hotels now, which already started to show then.

The perspective changed when he met Nicky, and both of them went to Dahab on the Sinai Peninsula, where they live since…

We are working in the dive trade since 1997, and from December 1998 until end of December 2005 we managed a dive center in Dahab very successfully.

This dive center is known in the diving community, because it constantly gained popularity. This “baby“ stands on ist own feet, and we decided to do the same, so we concluded to open our own dive center. Since we love and appreciate the area very much, it was not too difficult to decide to stay in Dahab.

When it comes to diving, there is probably no better person than Nicky to trace the smallest marine life. Numerous divers have learned to appreciate Nicky’s abilities as an underwater “scout“. On the surface she is always a reliable source of informationen about the interactive functions of the marine life and underwater world as well.nicky-seepferdchen

Tom’s eyes are not bad, but without Nicky’s assistance he would surely recognize only half as many fish. However, that does not bother him at all, because he likes to focus on other aspects rather than “biological disorders“.

To him the objective of a dive is the dive itself, and maybe this is the reason he has fallen for what is called “technical diving“. And because this is so, he likes to pass on this fascination to all people who are interested in this diving activity.

It should be mentioned here, that technical diving is not a trendy fashion that we have picked up. It is rather a serious diving activity which we educate on all course levels since six years now. We also like to point out, that we emphasize on the personal capability of a candidate. A lack of sound maturity or machoism will not be rewarded with a certification card.

For a long time now, we take care of active scuba divers, and we educate people who would like to become scuba divers. It all starts with a beginner course, the Open Water Diver. After this basic course there are numerous follow-up courses we are able to offer an teach, all the way up to Instructor level. Together, Nicky and Tom surely cover the complete range of possible recreational and technical scuba diving activities.

We do not like scuba diving to be recognized as a somewhat questionable activity, we rather want to point out and pass on the spirit, how much scuba diving still is and remains an adventure.

Therefore we keep striving beyond the limits of our achievements and also wish to motivate others to continue their diving skills and education.

We emphasize very much on general and personal safety, and we like to point out as well the fact, that self-responsibility is a major aspect of a safe and successful outcome of a dive.